Finding Endurance

Hendra Wijaya, Fonesport founder, is an endurance athlete and adventurer from Indonesia. An avid mountain biker before a debilitating, blessing in disguise, accident made him a runner, a passionate one at that.

It didn't take long for him to realize his love for running, within a few years had challenged himself to a number of 100 miles road and trail races such as UTMF, UTMB, Great North Walk 100, Hardcore 100.
He has completed longer distances as well, such as Likeys 6633 Arctic Ultra 566km, TransOmania 300km, Tor des Geants 330km and Singapore 200 Miles.

He is equally game into triathlon, having completed iron-distance event, as well as an "ultra triathlon" called Hyperman in Hong Kong, comprises 10km swim, 300km bike and 100km famous TransLantau trail race.

He founded Fonesport to spark Indonesian endurance sports, and in particular trail and ultra running and ultra triathlon, to make beautiful Indonesia a host to world-class events, to be ultimately on par with those he has experienced overseas.

Enjoying Healthy Lifestyle and Taking Part in Sports Development

While still busy as entrepreneur in manufacturing industry, Hendra always finds time to enjoy sports. And has been actively involved in sports development. He currently serves at the executive committee of national Indonesian Triathlon Federation (FTI), in charge of Events Management.

In the past, Hendra also served as executive committee for Indonesian Basketball Association (PERBASI), and Indonesian Athletics Association (PASI), both for Bogor area.

After co-founded Trail Runners Indonesia (TRI), and then Fonesport event organizer, the first ultra trail race in Indonesia was born, the Mount Rinjani Ultra (MRU). Within a couple of years, he has overseen a series of races (road races, trail races and triathlons) that have become regular feature in Indonesian outdoor sports calendar.

Endless Thirst for Challenge

Hendra's passion and endurance has brought him to many different kind of races, to different countries, mountains, and desert.

Likeys 6633 Arctic Ultra

March 2015
In the last week of March, Hendra took another extreme challenge. The 6633 Arctic Ultra is a non stop self sufficient foot race covering 350 miles (566km). The race starts at Eagle Plains, Yukon, crosses the line of the Arctic Circle, and on to the banks of the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk.
The weather was extremely cold, most of the time it's two digits below zero. After a start hampered by bad weather, Hendra persevered, fighting the extreme fatigue, cold, halucination, and the super long distance. Everything was freezing except his burning desire to survive and finish what he came to achieve.

Singapore 200 Miles

January 2015
To celebrate new year, Hendra joined select few runners to traverse almost the entire length and width of Singapore island. After four days and three nights, he was among the only four that completed the 320km long gruelling race.

Tor des Geants

September 2014
TdG, or the Tor, is a massive 330km trail race in Italy, one of the longest and toughest single-stage trail race in the world, covering highly mountaineous route, with total elevation gain of 24,000 m, runners ascend mountains with at least 2,000m height for 25 times. The cutoff time is 150 hours. While the race statistics are truly extraordinary, the race is also famous for the ever so supportive locals along the route.

Kilimanjaro Summit

June 2014

Kilimanjaro is, at 5,895m, one of the highest peaks in the world. As part of his dream to climb highest peaks in every continent, Hendra went to Tanzania and successfully scaled this highest mountain in Africa.

Elbrus Race Vertical Kilometer

May 2014
Elbrus Race presented Hendra with a new challenge, an extreme cold and rainy weather. In this race, runners are racing to scale up 1000m of the snowy mountain.

Carstensz Pyramid Summit

April 2014
Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid (4884m) is the highest mountain in Indonesia and Oceania, and the highest place between Everest in Nepal and Andes in Latin America. The climb is highly technical, and it's a difficult challenge to tackle. Along with the dream to submit highest mountain in every continent, Hendra is also embarking on the Indonesia 7 summit journey, of which Carstensz Pyramid is the toughest.


March 2014
Hendra participated in Hyperman Challenge in Hong Kong, an ultra triathlon which starts with 10km swimming following by 300km cycling, and the finale at the TransLantau 100km Trail Race.


January 2014
TransOmania is a 300km self-supported, desert foot race to cross the Kingdom of Oman and the beautiful Wahiba Sands desert from one gleaming coast to another and reach the Arabian Sea.
This is Hendra's first attempt at a desert race, which is a completely different from the usual mountainous trails that he's accustomed to.

Coast to Kosciuszko

December 2013
C2K is 240km foot race in Australia, starting at the sea level at Two Fold Bay, and going to the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, Australia's highest point at 2,228 metres. For the 2013 edition, Hendra was very close to the finish before a bad weather prevented him and most runners from completing the 240km. As it is a very common scenario, the organizer recognize such finishers with Inclement Weather Finish.

Bromo Tengger Semeru 100 Ultra

November 2013
BTS100 is the first 100 miles race in Indonesia. Along with Mount Rinjani Ultra, they marked 2013 as the birth year of ultra trail race in Indonesia. BTS100 takes place in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, going in and out the many trails and on different terrains. Hendra was one of only three runners who completed the 170km race during the first edition.

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

August 2013
UTMB is widely regarded as the biggest 100 miles trail race event in the world, it is the World Cup of trail running. The course starts in Chamonix in France, and going through a route around Mont-Blanc that takes runner to Italy and Switzerland. Participants need to qualify to enter the UTMB, and every year the race is over-subscribed by runners all around the world.

Trans Singapore Run

June 2013
TSR is 230km mixed road and trail run organized by Fat Ass Run group in Singapore. Up to that point, It was the longest run ever organized in Singapore. Only four (including Hendra) managed to complete the whole distance.

Ultra-Trail Mt.Fuji

April 2013
UTMF is 168km trail race in Japan, that takes the runner around a course around the beautiful Mt.Fuji, with cumulative altitude gain of 9,500m. It's a premier 100 mile trail race in Asia, a sister race of Ultra-Trail Mont-Blanc.

H1 Hardcore 100

February 2013

A 100 miles trail race on the Cordillera mountain ranges in the Philippines, climbing Mt. Pulag and Mt. Ugo. Hendra was among 12 finishers out of 43 starters who braved the rainy night and day on the pristine trails during this first edition of the race.

The Great North Walk 100

November 2012
GNW100 is a 100 mile running race in Australia, that is taking place along The Great North Walk, a 250 km walking track that runs between Sydney and Newcastle in New South Wales. Total elevation gain is 6,200 metres. It was the first 100 miles trail race that Hendra participated in.

Singapore Craze Ultra

September 2012

The first ever 100 miles road race in Singapore, organized by Running Guild. While the route is flat, runners are faced with the extreme hot and humid weather which made the already long roads become even more torturous.

Metaman Bintan

September 2012
Hendra completed this iron-distance triathlon, which consists of 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, and 42km (a marathon) run. And a week afterwards, he participated in Singapore 100 Miles Craze Ultra.

Vibram Hong Kong 100

February 2012
Vibram HK100 was conceived in 2011, and by the second year it has become the iconic 100km trail race in Asia. Hendra took part in 2012 and it was his first 100km trail race. The route takes runners through the scenic and endless Hong Kong trails, while at the same time very close to the skyscrappers that is the other iconic view of the megapolitan.

Sundown 100 Ultramarathon

June 2011

This was the race that started it all. It was Hendra's first race, first race overseas, first time going abroad, first ultra, first of many things. Much has he learned since, but at this race Hendra was practically clueless about many aspects of race and ultra running, still he finished it with full determination.